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My drum curriculum which I have been writing and testing over the last since 1998 has now been published and can be purchased directly from this website.


Features include:


-         353 curriculum items graded and progressively ordered to meet the pupil wherever they are in their drum development, fill any gaps in their learning and then take them through to Grade 8 and beyond with the emphasis being on real drumming and performing as well as creativity, self expression and fun. All the major genres are explored including Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Heavy Metal and various ‘Latin’ styles. There is a balance of rudimental and technical instruction spread throughout. Items are illustrated and neatly manuscripted. 160 pages.

-        60 carefully designed worksheets which expand on important aspects of drumming. These include sight reading worksheets, independence studies, fill guides, worksheets that help the pupil get used to working with a click (metronome) and dynamic studies.

-         9 summary pieces that help pull the prior learning together into a musical context while at the same time including typical manuscript devices for learning (such as structural cues and time signatures).

-         36 beatmixing cards as an aid to creating hundreds of drum beats.

-         Recommended websites books and DVDs are mentioned throughout as well as advice on how to further any learning started in the book.


The RRP is 20 which includes excluding postage to the UK mainland. I will post overseas for a reasonable shipping charge. Please click the button below to purchase my book in the UK.


I will offer a discount to drum teachers who buy in bulk to sell on to their pupils (15 per book if more than 5 are ordered).


To find out more or ask questions or place orders with a payment method other than paypal please email me (remove the spaces):

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To book lessons with me please contact me via Facebook.

Although I am nearly fully booked up I can offer lessons on a regular fortnightly basis or the occasional lesson by appointment. There is currently a short waiting list for regular lessons.

I am an expert at teaching beginners and helping intermediate drummers bring their skills to an advanced level. My teaching philosophy is founded on three prime principles:

- gaining general skills that will allow a pupil to perform competently in all musical situations.

- building self teaching skills that will ensure that the pupil can continue to grow long after I stop teaching them.

- exploring creative strategy that will help a pupil to invent new drumming patterns and develop their own voice on the drums.

The first lesson will be primarily assessment based and will include a copy of my drum curriculum (see details below). This lesson should preferably be held in your practice room so that I can ensure that your kit is well set up and tuned. If you are an intermediate drummer (3 years or more into your drumming or working towards grade 3 or higher) then this is not a necessity.

I can, if desired, help a pupil through the grade system though I usually recommend only taking grade 4 and then later on, grade 8.