My resolutions

I am resolved ...


  1. To live each hour as if the next one contained the rapture and the inevitable meeting of my Lord Jesus, whom I wish dearly to hear say to me at that glorious time: 'well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'
  2. To not look down on others who are living in sin but to walk humbly with my God, acting justly and loving mercy - because, in my own sinful past and present, I have required much mercy and grace from Him.
  3. To watch for, above all things, the growth of pride in my life. To understand myself blessed in spite of myself and my sinfulness and thus understand that I have no justification for pride nor vanity. Furthermore I will not expect nor demand such an attitude in others.
  4. To endeavour to discover worthy objects in my sphere for charity and liberality. To give cheerfully where I am able - and even occasionally so that it hurts - that I might know that I am no slave to the pursuit of wealth or happiness.
  5. To never to do anything out of revenge.
  6. To use the same scales and measures I use on others on myself. To not judge hastefully (unless this is unavoidable) nor hypocritically - and repent humbly when I discover I have done so.
  7. To recognize my human fragility of intellect, strength and faithfulness - first and foremost among men, but also to recognize this fallen truth of all men, particularly teachers past and present - knowing no full human authority other than the apostles and other authors of scripture.
  8. To recognize my God-gifted strengths and work his will in my life accordingly but also to test my grain and occasionally operate outside my comfort and ability for his great glory - relying on his mighty arm where mine fails.
  9. To act with prudent haste in all the Lord's work for me while taking care to avoid presumption.
  10. To recognize each assignment from God as a gift - a real occasion to live out my faith and begin to thank him in more than words.
  11. To recognize each discipline from God as the love of a concerned parent. To humbly track back what behaviour might have caused such chastisement and to repent of it swiftly and with gratitude for his correction. To continue to ask him to refine me and prune me that I might be a man after his heart and a delight to him who has given more than I can ever know.
  12. To contend for the faith and the true gospel to my last breath without shame nor hesitation so help me o God.
  13. To love the Word and examine the scripture and - should it so lead me - to abandon cherished notions and traditions or ideas that are extra to or contrary to scripture.
  14. To study the scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, that it becomes evident – even obvious – to myself that my knowledge of them has grown. With diligence and the help of the Holy Spirit to write them on my heart.
  15. To look after my weaker brothers and sisters in the faith. To disciple them and shepherd them where I may without quarrelling over disputable matters or hollow philosophy.
  16. To look up to stronger brothers and sisters in the faith. To support them and pray for them and thank God for them and their example.
  17. To keep a civil tongue and a mild manner and pray for the Holy Spirit's help in this - that I may conform to the image of my beloved Saviour and be a man of salt and light, in the world but not of it.
  18. To never consider something a prayer, nor utter a petition that, when making it I cannot actually hope that God will answer; nor offer as a confession anything which I cannot hope God will accept. Rather to ask in line with his revealed wisdom and confess with pure honesty to him from whom no need nor deed can be hidden.
  19. To grow in stature as a prayer warrior, waking up every morning in conversation with the Lord and speaking with him throughout each day, both alone and with others, in times of strife and times of blessing or even in the mundane.
  20. To pray constantly for other people. To seek specifics and to ask God to help me so grow as a prayer minister.
  21. To seek God's mission for my life but understand that I am a father and a husband, a son and a colleague and a friend, and thus my first mission field are those I intersect with in my daily life. They are my first Devine appointments.
  22. To watch for slothfulness in my life and strike a balance between diligence and rest. To seek the highest quality of self discipline daily so that I might achieve much in my short life this side of heaven, rejoicing in the gift of time, health, strength and talents as God has seen fit to bless me. Let everything I do be done for his glory.
  23. To look up, to watch, as we have been commanded, for the day of his coming. To carefully examine the world's birth pangs, to look for the green twig on the fig tree and the inevitable falling together of events predicted in prophecy. To use these as encouragement to my fellow elect and warning to the lost, but to do so with great care, for none truly knows the exact hour of his coming.
  24. To not quench the spirit nor despise prophetic utterances but to rather examine everything carefully holding  fast to that which is good while abstaining from every form of evil. To seek providence rather than prophecy for the scripture is closed.
  25. If ever I fail or grow weary or whenever I begin to neglect the keeping of any part of these resolutions; I will repent of everything I can remember that I have violated or neglected, …as soon as I come to my senses again.


And may the Holy Spirit so keep me to these promises to myself. Amen.

Jason s Horsler



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