Here are some inspirational/educational youtube videos worth watching.

In my opinion this is the best evidence we have that Buddy Rich is the greatest drummer of all time. More vids of him further down.

Jimmy is a legend in the making. Not convinced yet? See this link for more ...

Crazy stick tricks

This is the technique every drummer should know. The open-close technique and very well taught here.

This guy understands showmanship - extraordinary!

How good it can get. And for more awesome drum line precision click this link ...

Cavaliers 2011

Amazing 14 year old drummer!

Excellent young djembe drummer. Look how excited he gets and how confident he is.

Antolini, Janssen and York - classic three way drum duel.

And drum duels don't come much better than Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin here.

Clash of the titans!

The astonishing Jojo Mayer proves that you don't really need a double bass kit. And if you think he has an amazing foot, see what he can do with one hand on this link ...

Push-pull technique

Brushes can be awesome!

You tube megastar vadrum is the ultimate jammermeister. And this video is old. Check this newer one (link) - he's getting better!

The Cancan

A classic snare solo performed very well by a talented boy.

The girls are cool drummers too. Follow this link to see one of the best...

Sheila E

The late and great mister Morello - the genius of 'Take five' gives a pad practice lesson worth trying.

Great bass pedal technique advice and examples. For a bit more on the heel-toe technique follow this link ...

Heel toe double bass (in depth)

Gavin again - and why not?
Want to know more on Gavin's take on double bass? See this link ...

Clinic lesson

John Bonham is the man!

The world's fastest drummer.

Probably the scariest drummer alive. Not scared? Look at this link ...

200 to 280bpm

Incredible Japanese drumming. Notice how well they work together as a team. How do they become this good? See this link to find out ...

Demon drummers of Japan

The world's largest gig drumkit being set up. See Terry playing it on this link ...

Bozzio clinic

Buddy Rich - the greatest. Need more proof? Watch this link as well ...

Click this to see more Buddy.

A truly astonishing drum trio.

With sticks, without sticks, even with his eyes alone... Papa is a legendary showman.

Then there is Benny - the nicest guy and yet a monster behind the kit.

Steve Smith is so good he doesn't even need a whole kit! See what you can do with just a hihat.

And then you put one of the greatest drummers with one of the greatest bass guitarists ...

Aah Cindy - possibly the coolest person I've ever met and what a drummer! See her in classic action on this link as well ...

Are you gonna go my way?

I used to suffer from blisters at every gig until I watched this video. It really changed my drum life yeasr ago - now I don't even have calluses. My thanks go to the late and legendary Jim Capin and Dom 'the drum ambassador' Famularo.