Music ... what is good music? And then what is good musical drumming? It really comes down to taste.


Okay lets go with that...

If music be the food of life (or is it love)...play on.

Music and musicality is like an omlet.

A omlet?

Well let's consider the humble omlet. Here are a few types of omlet:

1) the amateur omlet mark one.

The cook added milk for body but the omlet then is heavy and stodgy.

2) the amateur omlet mark two.

The cook tried to flip the omlet and it broke up and so turned out like scambled eggs.

3) the ambitious omlet.

So many extra ingrediants that you have to lift several layers of bacon to find an overcrowded trace of egg.

4) the college student omlet mark one.

Omlet with coco-puffs.

5) the college student omlet mark two.

Omlet with toothpaste

6) the mitchellin starred chef omlet.

Made with one egg, a hint of basil and pepper and the perfect butter-brown burn with a perfect balance of mature cheese. It is light and delicious.

Now most people when confronted with a forkful of each omlet listed above would far prefer number 6 and be disgusted by number 5 and mildly repulsed by 4. Certainly people in the food industry, chefs and critics in particular, because of their experiences and developed pallets and their study of what is good and what is not good, would certainly judge 6 to be the best and most omlet like of all the omlets. Their taste in omlets is affect by an academic understanding of food.

But there will be many people who have mothers and grannies who cannot make perfect omlets and these people have grown up eating number 1 and or 2 omlets and they consider this to be omlet perfection...here an element of nostalgia afects their tastes.

Then our dear college friends and even those of us who make omlets like 1, 2 and particularly 3 may even love their omlets because it's their way of making omlets. These folk's taste is governed by ego. Others may like these omlets because this is also their way of making omlets. Who knows, the toothpaste omlet might actually be very popular among a very select group of people who can taste some complimentary relationship between mint, flouride and egg. These could be considered the boundry pushers. Their taste might be influenced by an ambition to find new flavours...eeeurgh.

But in the end its all just omlets. There is all an element of frying pan and egg involved.

It comes down to, not so much the definition of omlet, but rather the basis of the taste. The vast majority will like the true omlet the tiny minority will like the weird.

Drumming and musical style also comes down to taste. There is the elements of dynamics, tempo, timbre, space, texture ..etc. But before people came along and defined what an omlet or music is... We were eating them and loving them, singing it and playing it with sheer joy.

Its a matter of taste then.

Also take the genres. A lot of the jazz scene is populated by deep thoughtful individuals who like to analise things and talk and use the terms of common understanding that would make the interaction after a jazz event almost as fun as watching the jazz itself.

But punk, rock or metal TO A GREATER OR LESSER DEGREE doesn't have that. Ther might be a: 'dude that was awesome' at the end of the gig but not an analysis. So comparing these styles is like comparing a washing machine to a lemon. All we can say is that both are things with a few common properties.

It comes down to whether you like to talk about washing machines or go suck a lemon.



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